Your donation makes a world of difference!

Top 5 Reasons to Donate

1. Your generous contribution stays directly in the community

Nearly all dollars collected go directly to fulfill the mission of the Wayne-Westland Foundation for the Improvement of Instruction to provide the most extensive support for our students, staff and schools that we possibly can.

2. Your generous contribution keeps alive the legacy of excellence synonymous with Wayne-Westland Community Schools

Whether you are alumni, a parent of current students, or a resident, the value of having a superior school district is obvious. Wayne-Westland Community Schools stand out area wide and statewide, and so do our students. Your contribution helps assure that they always will.

3. Your generous contribution keeps Wayne-Westland Community Schools on the cutting edge of innovation that is so critical in this global age

Through your contributions, we can continue to provide the supplemental materials and enhanced instructional opportunities that keep our students at the forefront of innovation in academics and the arts.

4. A superior school district is at the core of a strong community

As schools go, so goes the community. From property values to quality of life, from community pride to perceived value of a diploma from Wayne-Westland Community Schools, all of it starts at the doors of our schools. Supporting our educational efforts supports all of us.

5. It’s tax deductible!

An unapologetic appeal to your pocket book? Sure…but sometimes it’s good to state the obvious.


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